Otter Valley Railroad Model Trains - Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada :: Announcements :: Athearn RTR 88937 - HO SD38 - DCC/Sound - GTW #6252

Athearn RTR 88937 - HO SD38 - DCC/Sound - GTW #6252

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Athearn RTR 88937 - HO SD38 - DCC/Sound - GTW #6252
HO SD38 - DCC/Sound - GTW #6252

All Ex DTI. M3 horn, Xenon strobe, Firecracker antenna, smaller fuel tank.

- Full GTW repaint
- standard EMD exhaust stacks
- front small EMD plow
- regular 81 inch nose
- Full GTW repaint
- standard EMD exhaust stacks
- front small EMD plow
- regular 81 inch nose
- GTW patch with faded colors. Large Y-style spark arrestors
- original nose bell
- no plow

(Please note: due to strobe location, it will be included in a poly bag with LED.)

- Separately applied wire grab irons
- Standard 81 inch low nose without headlight or brake unless noted
- Standard cab with dual beam sealed headlight and glare shields unless noted
- See-through cab windows
- Fixed-position cab side windows
- Oil-bath or Paper air filters per prototype
- Ribbed or smooth blower housing per prototype
- Standard dustbin unless noted
- See-through dynamic brake and radiator fans
- Dynamic or non dynamic brakes per prototype
- Dynamic brake vent per prototype
- Non-turbo exhaust stacks
- Chicken wire radiator grilles unless noted
- F painted on short hood end unless noted
- 2600, 3200 or 4000 gallon fuel tank per prototype
- Air tank
- Printed number boards
- Fine scale handrails
- Fully assembled and ready-to-run
- McHenry® scale knuckle spring couplers
- DCC Ready 21-pin NEM Quick Plug technology
- Genesis motor retrofit kit ATHG63839 compatible
- Highly-detailed, injection molded body
- Painted and printed for realistic decoration
- Bi-directional constant lighting so headlight brightness remains consistent
- All-wheel drive with precision gears for smooth and quiet operation
- All-wheel electrical pickup
- 5-pole skew wound motor with flywheels and multi-link drivetrain for trouble-free operation
- Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track
- Recommended radius: 22 inch

- Onboard Econami Sound by SoundTraxx
- Sound units operate in both DC and DCC
- Full DCC functions available when operated in DCC mode
- Engine, horn, and bell sounds work in DC
- All functions NMRA compatible in DCC mode
- Excellent Slow speed control
- Effect lighting (if applicable) using F5 and/or F6
- Program a multiple unit (MU) lashup with lead unit only horn, bell, and lights
- Many functions can be altered via Configuration Value (CV) changes
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