Otter Valley Railroad Model Trains - Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada :: HO Scale :: Locomotives :: Athearn Roundhouse 12629 HO GP38-2 HLCX DCC No.3839

Athearn Roundhouse 12629 HO GP38-2 HLCX DCC No.3839

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Athearn Roundhouse 12629 HO GP38-2 HLCX DCC No.3839
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Solid pilot face with screw mounted coupler pockets on both ends
LED Headlights and Improved rear number boards
New Option - Full featured 8-function 21-pin NCE DCC Decoder


-Factory installed Celcon handrails

-Individually applied wire formed grab irons

-5-pole motor with precision-machined flywheels and multi-link drive train for trouble free operation

-See-through cab windows

-DCC Ready 21-pin NEM plug

-LED Illuminated front and rear headlights

-Nickel plated, blackened machined wheels

-Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brand of track

-Replacement parts available including motor brushes


The GP38-2 series of locomotives were some of EMD’s most successful designs. Produced from 1970s to mid 1980s the GP38-2 and GP50 were quickly found in many different tasks of the railroad. From switching to pulling high priority freight trains across country, these versatile locomotives could be seen all over North America. Many of these locomotives are now being rebuilt with ecologically sound emission control for higher population centers. A new era emerges as technology meets proven reliability for these EMD products.

DCC: NCE-5240156 Equipped
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