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Rapido 159002-2 - HO Union X-3 Tankcar - UTLX (1930s Paint) #28953

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Rapido 159002-2 - HO Union X-3 Tankcar - UTLX (1930s Paint) #28953
HO Union X-3 Tankcar - UTLX (1930s Paint) #28953

Detail Variations:
Equipped with KC brakes

Rapidos model has been developed with the help of noted UTLX tank car expert Steve Hile. We are offering two distinct versions, the K-brake equipped cars, good before 1953, and the AB-brake equipped cars good from the 1940s onwards. In addition to brake equipment, our models will feature correct handbrake and coupler cut bar arrangements which differed depending on the brake equipment installed. Either Andrews or -Bettendorf- cast steel trucks will be fitted, depending on the era.

Other features of Rapidos model include:
Designed from original blueprints
Correct tank bolster pads
Correct 54inch diameter dome
Correct UTLX-style warning placard holders
Full underbody detailing with two distinct brake systems offered
Correct end platforms
Correct coupler cut bars and hand brake mountings
Semi-scale couplers and coupler boxes
Free-rolling turned metal wheels
Accurate paint and lettering
Multiple road numbers available per scheme.
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