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Rapido 41509z - HO GP9RM - DCC & Sound - Undecorated - 7000-Series Body

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Rapido 41509z - HO GP9RM - DCC & Sound - Undecorated - 7000-Series Body
HO GP9RM - DCC & Sound - Undecorated - 7000-Series Body

The GP9RM Locomotive features:
Heavy diecast frame with super detailed piping and traction cables
Detailed Blomberg trucks, with and without outside brake shoes
Traction motor details on gearbox
Working track lights, class lights, control stand lights and flashing belt pack light on select mother-slug sets (Late sets)
Multiple battery box styles
Spark arrestors or open exhaust stacks as appropriate
Metal side handrails
Working ditch lights on 4000, 4100 and 7000 series locos
Front and rear plows or curved plate pilots on appropriate road numbers
Footboard pilots on mother units
Detailed walkway tread
Available as DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or
DCC/ESU LokSound

In the early 1980s, CN embarked on a rebuild program in their Pointe Ste. Charles shops to extend the operating lives of the GP9s. The -GP9RM- was the result, which was divided into three groups: The 4000/4100 series were rebuilt as road units, the 7000 series as switchers and the 7200/200 series as -mother- and -slug- pairs. The slugs lacked a prime mover, instead drawing power from the mother to operate the traction motors. The long hoods were cut down and ballast added to help weigh them down.

The GP9RM fleet included a chopped short hood, addition of three coloured marker lights on both ends, the bell moved to the side of the hood and the dynamic brake blister converted to intake filters. Internally, the units had upgraded 16-645C prime movers and improved electrical systems. The 4000/4100 series road units were changed to have the short hood end designated as the front, with the control stand reoriented, while the 7000/7200 switchers retained the long hood designated as the front. As with any rebuild project, there were differences from one loco to the next as well as minor changes over the ten year rebuild program. One could see these locos all across the CN North American system.

The Rapido GP9RM represents the locomotives rebuilt from the original phase II GP9 locomotives, with details corresponding to the earliest rebuilds, right on up to the last, in 1988. The biggest variation of the slug rebuilds was the use of Blomberg and Flexicoil trucks. Both variations are represented! Starting in 1994, CN applied Belt-Pack remote control systems to the 7200/200 series locomotives. Some of these new features included extra antennas and strobe lights ? all details that will be featured on the 7200 series from Rapido!
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