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Athearn Genesis G90014 HO Scale - Trinity 3-Bay Hopper - BORX, pkg(3) #2

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Athearn Genesis G90014 HO Scale - Trinity 3-Bay Hopper - BORX, pkg(3) #2
Trinity 3-Bay Hopper - BORX, pkg(3) #2
ETA: October 2021

Detailed Information
Two body styles represent 10-panel and 12-panel variations
New body styles N including BNSF with stiffeners
Separate brake cylinder, valve and air reservoir with wire brake plumbing
Coupler cutbar and Air hose on each end
Separately applied end cages and etched end platforms
Photo-etched metal roofwalk
Weighted for trouble free operation
Machined metal wheels
Wheels with RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track
Body mounted McHenry operating scale knuckle couplers
Standard size coupler draft gear box with screw mounted lid
Fully assembled and ready for your layout
Replacement parts available
Minimum radius: 18inch
Genesis 100-ton trucks with 36inch machined metal wheels and animated spinning roller bearing caps

Trinity Steel was founded by C. J. Bender in Dallas in 1933. The company didnt enter into the railroad freight car market until 1984, when Trinity acquired the railcar designs and production facilities of the Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company, once the largest railcar manufacturer in North America. That same year Trinity also acquired the railcar designs of General American Transportation Corporation. In 1986 the rail car designs and production facilities of Greenville Steel Car Company were purchased, including the auto rack designs of Portec-Paragon. Also acquired in 1986 were the railcar designs of North American Car Corporation, and in 1987 Ortner Freight Car was acquired.
With this collective experience across several facilities, Trinity developed many new designs that became ubiquitous to present day railroading. One of their most famous designs is the 3-bay 5161cuft covered hopper. This covered hopper is optimized to transport agricultural products, sugar, dry chemicals, or other similar products and can be seen in unit train assignments all over North America. Introduced around 1995, these cars are extremely common today and owned by many Class 1 and short line railroads alike.
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