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ESU 50310 - Cab Control Wireless DCC System w/WiFi Throttle

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ESU 50310 - Cab Control Wireless DCC System w/WiFi Throttle
Cab Control Wireless DCC System w/WiFi Throttle
(7Amp, Set with power supply 110V-240VA, USA, Output 15-21V)

Cab Control Features:
- All DCC modes (14, 28, 128 speed steps) Long and short addresses
- Over 16,000 locomotives can be arranged and controlled
- Up to 28 functions per locomotive
- All Scales can be used with the Cab Control system with the variable voltage 7Amp Power Supply

Built-in WLAN Access Point:
- Creates a unique Wifi-Network for your Mobile Control II Wireless throttles
- Supports at least 32 Mobile Control II Wireless Controllers Compliant with all relevant IEEE WLAN standards.
- Suitable for use in America and Europe
- The Cab Control features a LAN port to connect the box to your home network.
- Via the home network, the Cab Control can be connected to Model Rail Road Control Software.

ECoSlink port:
- For easy connection with our ESU boosters, Cab Control supports ECoSlink, a high speed, CAN based bus system.
- The Cab Control built-in booster has so much power that, in most cases, you do not need additional ones.

Hook up is simple with the Cab Control system. All you have to do is plug the 7 Amp power supply into the Cab Control box and then hook up your Cab Control box to your track for track power and its ready to go! The wireless controllers automatically connect to the system via WLAN.

On occasion new features will be added to the Cab Control system. Gone are the days of having to send your DCC command station back to the manufacturer for updates! When a new update becomes available it is as simple as loading this to a USB Data stick and plugging it in to the back of the system. Easy!

Each Cab Control system meets the relevant requirements regarding safety and operation on a layout. The track outlet is protected against overload as well as short circuits. Each Cab Control system can differentiate between a genuine short, and a momentary current drain when passing over switches or gaps. We place value on the indestructibility of the device, just like we do with our mobile decoders.

As the Cab Control System uses the ESU Mobile Control II Wireless Throttles, expansion is easy as these throttles are already available and will connect automatically to the Integrated Control Unit. The system can also be used with the ECoSBoost Boosters using the ECoSlink Terminals when more power is needed for large layouts.

Ergonomics & Functionality Combined:
When you hold your Cab Control Throttle in your hands for the first time you will immediately notice its excellent ergonomics. All Parts of the screen can easily be reached with one hand, and unlike a cell phone throttle, the most important functions can even be reached without looking giving you the ability to watch your trains and not needing to watch your throttle. This is due to the central, motorized throttle knob with end stop. With this knob you can delicately control the speed of your trains and change direction.

For activating functions simply touch the icons on the display. The display also serves for changing functions ? exactly the same way as you know it from your mobile phone. Finally, two buttons each on either side serve for changing direction or triggering the most important functions. These side buttons are user editable giving you the choice of what you want to control with them.

Colorized Function Icons are displayed showing what function does what. Gone are the days of having to memorize what function button control what decoder feature.

Running Locomotives:
The Cab Control Throttles can control all locomotives registered in the system and supports 14, 28 or 128 speed steps. All of the important locomotive properties such as name, a picture, function mapping as well as easily identifiable icons for function buttons will be taken from the Integrated Control Unit and will be displayed correctly.

You may switch up to 28 functions for each locomotive, which, of course, can either be momentary or continuous functions. You read that correctly! EVERY Function Button can be momentary or latching depending on your use! No more limitations on how you function map your decoders.

As standards are constantly changing and the number of DCC function buttons is increased a simple update will allow for even more!

Controlling Accessories:
The Cab Control System has the ability to run over 1000 magnetic accessories!

More Fun in Operations:
The high resolution (480 x 800 pixels, 280 dpi), backlit TFT display of the CabControl Throttle always keeps you up to date on the most important operating parameters. Furthermore, you can see if another operator controls a certain locomotive or if an emergency stop has been triggered. The permanently installed, powerful Lithium polymer rechargeable battery will serve you right through the most extensive operating sessions giving 5-8 hours of operation based on how you are using your throttles. Recharge the batteries of your CabControl simply by using the USB port on the Integrated Control Unit and the supplied Micro USB Cable or the battery charger of your mobile phone or any other USB port.

Open Platform:
The Cab Control Throttles are based on the Android operating system. We have created a powerful basis for this open, globally used operating system: The ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor clocked with 1.3 GHz and controls a high resolution 3.2 inch TFT color display. A capacitive touch screen assures touch-free data entry. For communicating with the outside world there is an USB port and a WLAN interface. Thanks to the standardized radio control interface, trouble free operation of your layout can be assured at any time. The range can be extended with WLAN repeaters, if necessary.

Due to the open platform design you may add further apps for the Google Play Store at any time.
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